Sunday, August 15, 2010

The project's over...officially

The result is proudly here:
The patch is, a bit less proudly, here:
The result of this project would highly benefit the people who focus on the content of a presentation itself...and don't care about animating each slide differently, but still dislike the default "I just appear" effect that's default in Impress.

Making this was a lot of pain, although it doesn't look like it. There are, of course, things that don't perfectly work. They are cleverly hidden in the demo :) However, the exact points of fixing and improving have been pointed out in the code, but the time was running short.

I have spent the last three months with a 'I will first code, then blog" attitude, so I will now rewrite my experiences, and pain points, and how it all fits together in the end :)

Hope you have fun reading this, that's all that hacking's about, no?

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