Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Learning about Master pages

I've never had the need to make a complicated presentation, so never used Master Pages before. After today, I see now how they're absolutely necessary when making something more than my 10-slides-long-school-presentation.

The reason for me investigating this, is cause I'm thinking about applying for a go-oo GSoC project. Project details (copied from the go-oo page):

Make Impress master pages copyable

Currently, when in master page edit mode, the slide sorter has cut/copy/paste disabled. The task would be to add this missing functionality, and correctly handle masterpage-attached styles.

Required skills/knowledge
thb at openoffice.org

Took me a while to figure out what the author here meant! Apparently there's two slide sorters - the obvious one named Slide Sorter, and the left nav containing little previews of slides - that's also the slide sorter.
As soon I was explained this by the friendly mentor - I realized the problem - The master pages aren't copyable, which can be quite a pain when you're eager to create your own and not using the built-in ones.

Here's an interesting article about Master pages:

It seems like this issue is bugging quite a few people:
bug tracker:

It seems that the code that copies slides is quite complicated itself - so my next task is to get on debugging it to figure it out...

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